Bulk Sms Gateway

bulk sms gateway

Bulk Sms Gateway allows you to send sms in bulk through internet. Our Bulk Sms Gateway supports long SMS, unicode SMS, flash messages.

Client can create their own contact list & contact groups & can send messages contact-wise or group-wise.

Comprehensive reports can be generated from their panel. Support for transactional & promotional bulk sms.

We can send sms in any laguage in all over India with our sms gateway. People from various areas can use our Bulk Sms Gateway service api to share information from their own software.

What is a bulk SMS gateway?

It's a way to send A2P SMS. A2P SMS are called as Application to Peer messaging. In simple words A2P means sending SMS to mobile from computer. This is achived using software. SMS Sending Software can be of various types like web based software where as service provider gives you web portal where in you can login and send sms. You can send millions of SMS at a time. Major difference in sending sms with help of bulk sms gateway Vs sending sms through mobile is with mobile you can not send unlimited sms at a time. From bulk SMS gateway you can send unlimited messages as much as you want.

Second way to send SMS through bulk sms gateway is through http API. Many times customer has their own portals or their own customize software meant to cater their needs. They want to send bulk sms to their customer from that software itself instead of going to third party software to send sms. In this case they can integrate bulk sms http API. This gives them freedom to send bulk sms from their own software. Bulk SMS API can be of various types. You can integrate bulk sms API using GET/POST. We also provide you XML API to send bulk SMS. Bulk SMS XML API helps you to send customie message or messages in bulk quantity. You can also use JSON to send bulk sms through API.

Third way of using bulk SMS gateway is using SMPP protocol. SMPP stands for Short message peer to peer. You will have to build your own SMPP application to use this protocol. Now a days many third part SMPP applications are available in market which allows you to connect to any SMPP server.

How exactly bulk SMS gateway works?

In above description you might got idea of what bulk SMS gateway is. Now it is clear that bulk SMS gateway is the way to send sms to mobile from computer. But how it actually works? What is bulk sms gateway architecture behind this? Only way to send bulk sms to mobile subscriber is through some telecom operator. Wheather you send sms from computer or mobile it goes to telecom operator who delivers it to telecom operator of receipient mobile number and then it delivers receipient mobile. Now at telecom operator end it is SMSC which handles all these request. SMSC is Short Message Service Center. SMSC can be only software or mix of software and hardware. SMSC's role is to accept and forward short messages to fixed phones and to exchange short messaged with other SMS centers. In short SMSC are the transfer agents to deliver SMS to mobile phones. SMSC are integral part of bulk SMS gateway. You can call SMSC as heart of bulk sms gateway or CPU of bulk SMS Gateway. Of course as all bulk sms gateway sms are delivered through computer (Application SMS) and you need internet connection to send those.

Who are Bulk SMS Gateway Providers in India?

All Telecom operators are Bulk SMS Gateway Providers. In India we have airtel Bulk SMS Gateway, idea Bulk SMS Gateway, vodafone Bulk SMS Gateway, Videocon Bulk SMS Gateway, Jio Bulk SMS Gateway, Reliance Bulk SMS Gateway and Tata Bulk SMS Gateway. Though prominent bulk sms gateway providers are videocon and Idea/Vodafone.

Can any one buy directly from telcom operators bulk sms gateway?

Yes, any one are free to buy bulk sms gateway from directtelecom operators. But telecom operators needs minimum commitment which is usally 10 million messages per month. You need to provide BG as well in order to procure bulk sms gateway from telcos.

What is sms aggregator?

SMS aggregator are the one who buys bulk sms gateway from telcos and redistribute it to resellers or end customer who wants to send A2P SMS.

What is role of sms aggregator?

As telecom operators need minimum usage commitment, every one can not directly purchase it from them. Hence big players like us purchases it from telcos and provide these bulk sms gateways at cheap rate to those who want A2P messages.