Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactional Sms

What is transactional bulk sms?

When you are sending SMS through computer using web portal or desktop software or API SMS it is categorised into two types. Transactional bulk sms and promotional bulk SMS.

As the name suggest Transactional bulk SMS are the SMS sent for any kind of transaction. There are multiple SMS which falls under transactional bulk sms. Below are few cases which could be considered as transactional bulk sms.

Bulk sms for bank transaction or bulk sms for Jwellery shop which goes after Purchase from that shop are considered as transactional bulk sms.

Bulk sms to community where all members are from your know circle and they want these sms to reach them are called as transactional bulk sms. For example a Hindu/Jain/Sindhi/Muslim Community wants to send bulk sms to all their members or any Gymkhana Club wants to send bulk sms to their members. All such sms are considered as transactional bulk sms.

Now you want to broadcase some offer but instead of sending to mass you just want to send these to your own customers who wanted these offers to reach them. Even these sms are categorised as transactional bulk sms.

Any bulk sms which goes through API from software to targeted customer who has opted for sms service and want those to reach them are called as transactional sms. This could be sms sent for biometric attendance or Gym member informed about his renewal.

Any government bulk sms sent by government agency for information purpose is considered as transactional bulk sms. For example Muncipal corporation of Nanded wants to send corona awareness bulk sms to their citizen or Ratnagiri corporation wants to create election voting awareness in voter through bulk sms.

Bulk sms sent from Tally Software for outstanding or payment received are transactional bulk sms in nature.

All Informative SMS will fall into transactional bulk sms category. e.g. PMC wants to send water supply messages to citizes through bulk sms or bank want to send working hours to his customers are transactional bulk sms.

School alerts sent via bulk sms to parents are considered as transactional bulk sms.

Mobile wallet like paytm, phone pe sends sms for transaction done these are also transactional sms. But user should take care while responding to such sms as many fraudelent sms goes these days which steal payment from your bank account.

Aviation companies sending flight information for delayed flight or flight tickets through bulk sms are transactional SMS.

Transactional Bulk SMS enables you to send timely alerts, updates and notifications to customers. This reflects your commitment to serve the consumers optimally, thus consolidating their loyalty to your brand.

DND (Do not disturb) regulations of the telecom ministry cannot be allowed to dampen your business spirits. You have invested heavily on your start-up and must reap the benefits of the same by harnessing the potential of bulk transactional SMS. The news that would uplift your spirit is that the transactional bulk SMS can deliver to both DND and non-DND numbers. Trasactional Bulk Sms Provide the contact list of both DND and non-DND number .

Transactional SMS Features:

  • Send SMS with company Name
  • Six character sender id
  • Quick reports
  • Send SMS in English
  • Schedule SMS for future
  • Instant delivery
  • Delivery on DND numbers as well